Who is in charge?

Who is in charge?

Q.- I am having problems to obtain satisfactory answers to some questions I have in my community. I have asked both the administrator and the president about a dispute I have with my neighbour and got no helpful response. So I have two questions.

  1. Who has the most power, the president or the administrator?
  2. Should I be paying the same community fees for an empty plot with no water meter or other services as I pay for the plot that has my house on it?

A W (Costa del Sol)

A.- The president, as elected by the AGM, has the power to terminate the services of the administrator. In an emergency he can do this on his own. The president is the chief elected official of the community. The administrator is a professional contracted by the community to provide services.

The answer to your second question is, yes. Your community fee is based only on the surface area of your property, not on what stands on it. If you build a house on your vacant plot, your fee will not rise.

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