Restaurant turns its Wifi password into a maths equation

Restaurant turns its Wifi password into a maths equation

Restaurant turns its Wifi password into a maths equation Credit: Pixabay

Restaurant turns its Wifi password into a maths equation, leaving people stumped.

One Thai restaurant in San Antonio in Texas has set restaurant-goers an extreme puzzle in order to get hold of the Wi-Fi code for the restaurant. One restaurant-goer was stumped, and took to Reddit to ask for help.

One person who attempted to crack the code said: “This looks a lot like a summation of a binomial probability density function. I strongly doubt the divider between N/m should even be there.

“It would then be equivalent to having a number of successes of at least half of the attempts made, statistically, with a success probability of 25%. The answer depends on the number of attempts though.

“Try password ‘binomial’ or ‘Binomial’ or something like that.”

Comments on the possible Wi-Fi code got heated, but one user kept things light and said: “The REAL answer to this problem is that they don’t even have wifi.”

Another user gave a response that would baffle most people and commented that: “The first term in the summation should be a combination not a fraction if this is a binomial distribution.

“In that case (N N/2) = N!/((N/2)!2), and, (N N) = 1. The first term in the summation expansion is (N N/2)* (3/16)N/2 and the last term is (1/4)N. I’d simplify the addition of the two terms: (1/4)N * [ N!/((N/2)!)2) * 3N/2 + 1]

“I think this answer suffices if N/2 and N are consecutive. But if that were the case N=2 so the answer would be (7/16).

“Also this assumes a LOT, due mostly to how vague the q is, and is also primarily based off the original assumption the first term in the summation was a combination and not a fraction.”

Maybe accessing the Internet by free Wi-Fi in this restaurant is not worth the effort.

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