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SPEAKING OUT: The public are afraid to talk about anything they chose.

SPEAKING OUT: The public are afraid to talk about anything they chose.

Homophobia is now rife. Racism is rampant and public frustration almost at saturation point. Why? Because these titles have been concocted to discourage the frank discussion of either subject.

The conception is subversive but quite brilliant. Have no doubt, when this piece goes out I will probably be accused of both. Well I could care less. One of the most frequent observations I receive from readers I meet up with is that they peruse this blurb because I discuss opinions they are not allowed to! Not allowed to? How offensive is that?

The woke and PC brigade can now do just about anything they choose – and the public are afraid to even talk about it! Lives and culture are being changed forever, by minorities that wield such power it appears they can not only ruin reputations, but also devastate law abiding citizen’s livelihoods with impunity.

It only takes one woke to be at the head of a department or company (or University!) and with the threat of dismissal or worse, they can basically control the politics, opinions and even thinking of their subordinates.

All they need to do is report any adverse ‘findings’ to a fellow woker high up in law or politics and the target of their vitriol can suddenly find themselves at best on benefits and at worst in the dock. People are petrified to voice their true opinions in case they lose everything. Personally I think it is already too late.

I recently read of a decision to rethink the advertising of certain shampoos because it could be offensive to bald people! If it wasn’t all so dangerous it would be comical. Well unfortunately it’s not funny at all.

The clear thinking majority are now being manipulated in ways that would have brought as a smile to the lips of MaoTse Tung himself. Any organsation that disagrees with these  cancel culturists, or tries to bring their wholly unacceptable practices into the public domain (ie the scores of heavily guarded hotels now accommodating thousands of illegal immigrants, all paid for by the British tax payer!) is immediately vilified and pilloried in concerted attacks from all sides.

In fact one such operation has had all their requests for political status ignored or denied for years. This of course means the public are not even being given the opportunity to cast a vote in their direction.

When you consider that Screaming Lord Such and his monster Raving Looney Party were actually granted this status, you get some idea of how afraid the lefties are of giving a voice to anyone who endeavours to bring some common sense into the equation. Democracy is dead.

Gagging or destroying any opposition is now the order of the day.

Keep the faith,

Love Leapy  

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