Your funeral questions answered by Golden Leaves

Your funeral questions answered by Golden Leaves

Your funeral questions answered by Golden Leaves. Image: Wikimedia

PLANNING a funeral can be a confusing process at any time, but with the added complexities of being in another country with a different language and customs, when it comes to preparing a funeral for a loved one in Spain  expert help from Golden Leaves can guide you through everything with both compassion and years of experience.

Company Golden Leaves have more than 30 years experience funeral planning in Spain and will walk you through everything, from choosing a pre-payment plan to repatriating a loved one´s body.

Here, Golden Leaves answers some of the most commonly-asked questions about funerals in Spain.

Do I need to pre-plan my funeral?

For expatriates living overseas, Golden Leaves says it is essential to pre-plan a funeral. They say that the combination of red tape and a language barrier means that pre-planning is the only way to ensure your family is spared the considerable distress of organising your funeral in another country when the time comes.

Can my body be brought back to the UK?

Most expatriates choose a plan that assumes their funeral will take place in their present country of residence. However, Golden Leaves says that if you would prefer your body to be repatriated and to have a funeral on your home soil, it has a funeral plan specially designed to facilitate this.

Will my funeral plan cover my country of residence and my home country?

Yes. As well as being covered in the country where you have purchased your plan, by providing additional information, Golden Leaves will set up your arrangements in the UK too for no extra charge.

What if I pass away abroad?

If you purchase an International Golden Leaves plan, but pass away outside your country of residence, for example while on holiday, your plan covers you there too, if you do not wish to be returned back home.

Depending on where you normally reside, the purchase value of your plan can either be fully utilised to pay for your funeral services in the country of death or can be contributed to the total cost, with the remainder required to be paid at the time of need.

If you do not have an International Golden Leaves plan the company recommends that you check that your travel insurance covers repatriation. If it doesn’t, the company can advise your dependents how to use your plan´s funds to contribute towards the cost of a local funeral or the cost of repatriation back to your country of residence.

Will there be any additional costs to my funeral plan?

Golden Leaves guarantees 100 per cent of the costs of the arrangements specified in your Funeral Plan. There are no hidden extras or administration charges for your family to deal with when the time comes.

Do I need a new will as a resident abroad?

Yes. For expatriates with property or assets overseas, with different legal systems, it’s essential to have a correct and locally compatible Will. This way, you can avoid leaving your loved ones with a lengthy and expensive legal succession process, and confusion as to your intentions. Also, valuable tax savings can be achieved with proper documentation. Golden Leaves can put you in touch with its local experts to ensure you have all the advice you need in relation to having a suitable Will drafted.

Can I cancel my plan?

Yes. In contrast to an insurance policy, for example, you can cancel your Golden Leaves Plan at any time and get a refund for a significant portion of your purchase price.

To find out more about Golden Leaves Funeral Plans and how they can meet your needs, visit their website or contact them.
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