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In White Baos Lawyers, we can assist you in dealing with your divorce and separation in Spain.

If you have a query, you could check our website, and the area of family law, in the following link: https://www.white-baos.com/en/servicios/family-and-cohabitation-law-divorces-separations-etc-spain-uk/

Family Law in Spain. The matrimonial regime.

It is essential when getting or giving advice, to know which is the applicable law to our marriage.

This is essential, as this will tell us if the property, assets, etc. earned pending the marriage belong to the marriage ( as a community) or belongs to each spouse privately.

Basically, we have 2 systems (although there are more).

The joint assets system, is the once follow in Spain, France, etc. As per it, all that is bought duing the marriage belongs to the matrimonial community (50% to both spouses), Independently of who bought it.

The other system, it is what we know as Separation of asses system. Basically by this one, each spouse have his or her own assets, so can sell and buy without being the other spouse owner of the assets, etc. This is how is normally interpretated the English system.

So, we will be able to determine the matrimonial regime that will apply for your marriage. That is relevant in the event of a divorce, and also if you want to establish or signed pre or post nuptial agreements

Law for Divorce

So, even if the Spanish court are competent to deal with a divorce, it is possible that the applicable law for divorce will not be Spanish court.

So, we will assist you determine which one will apply, and confirm you the consequences of it.

So at White Baos, we can give you advice about getting divorce in Spain. If you want to get legal advice, you could contact us at: www.white-baos.com

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