Figures reveals 58,000 Almeria immigrants in 15 years

Figures reveals 58,000 Almeria immigrants in 15 years

Figures reveals 58,000 Almeria immigrants in 15 years. Image: Wikimedia

THE National Police have revealed that 58,000 immigrants have arrived in Almeria by boat in the last 15 years.

The figures also showed that more than 4,700 immigrants had arrived in Almeria this year.

Of the 58,000, 42,000 have arrived in the last 10 years, with the most immigrants landing in Almeria in 2018 with 12,327 people.

According to officials, those coming to Almeria are mostly from Algeria, paying around €3,500 to get to Spain.

The number of immigrants travelling by boat to Almeria has left almost 20 dead this year, and 103 dead since 2010.

The news comes after a migrant was killed after arriving by boat in Almeria while another was also injured after they arrived in Almeria by boat.

The Civil Protection Service has the body of a migrant who died and another injured after falling down a precipice on a beach in Carboneras, where they had arrived by sea.

Both people were in a small boat in a rocky area that could not be accessed by Maritime Services.

The person who was less seriously injured, swam through the waters and alerted the emergency services of the other person’s situation. Firefighters later had to be asked for reinforcements to proceed with the extraction of the body.

The Carboneras Civil Protection Service confirmed the death of the seriously injured migrant. Similarly, according to Civil Protection sources, the other wounded man was taken to the Port of Carboneras where he has been treated.

The emergency services said that the Guardia Civil is involved following the death of the migrant in Almeria.

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