Warehouse Safety

As we begin to emerge from the COVID crisis in the UK, many businesses have been transformed. One of the biggest shifts for brands in the UK is the shift to a more digital or online mode of doing business. Many businesses now rely more than ever on their online store. As a result, there is a growing need for extra warehouse or storage capacity amount UK-based businesses. Setting up a well-running warehouse takes time and financial investment. As many organisations expand their warehouse space, it is important to remember that warehouse dangers can lead to accidents for employees or visitors. This will have a detrimental effect on any business. Therefore, it is crucial that warehouse facilities are well-organised and safe for everyone who enters.

High-quality warehouse equipment

Some of the more common warehouse hazards include slips and trips, accidents caused by moving vehicles, and incorrect stacking techniques. It is important that warehouse workers work at height and are not reaching up, straining to move goods onto or off shelves, or struggling to lift items. Pallet trucks and other warehouse equipment should ideally be used when moving goods around the warehouse. Some of the best warehouse equipment to invest in includes the following:

  • Lifting and stacking vehicles such as hoists, stacker trucks and pallet trucks allow employees to stock goods in bulk quickly and easily
  • Cranes and scissor lift tables let employees safely lift heavier goods to a height
  • Transport rollers and conveyor tables support the movement of smaller goods around the warehouse and make tasks such as order picking faster
  • When it comes to shelving, wire racks and stainless steel shelves tend to be durable, strong, and suitable for heavy load-bearing
  • Climbing equipment like ladders are essential for employees to safely reach goods that are stocked high up on shelves
  • Signage, barriers and guidance systems will ensure that employees remain in safe zones around the warehouse floor
  • Creating a clearly marked, guided pathway for warehouse vehicles is strongly recommended
  • Cleaning and sweeping equipment can be used to keep any warehouse floor clean and free of obstacles

There are lots of general warehouse safety tips and ideas available that can help ensure security in any storage facility. Regularly reviewing warehouse procedures is also strongly recommended, and adapting them as needed. Inspecting and maintaining vehicles and providing employees with daily or weekly checks can also help prevent accidents.

Meeting e-commerce demands

E-commerce is growing in Spain, as well as in other European countries and the UK. With this, many businesses need more storage space than before to accommodate a larger supply of product. Setting up a new storage facility or expanding an existing one requires a lot of planning and investing in the best warehouse equipment will ensure that workflows and processes are optimal. This, in turn, will lead to fewer errors in the processing of online orders, for example, as well as fewer accidents in the workplace.

No matter what kind of goods your business sells, whether they are large or small, heavy or light, a warehouse that is well set up will ensure that orders can be shipped promptly. And in an age where competition for online market share is huge, quick delivery is a huge benefit that you can provide for your customers. It is worth reviewing your warehouse procedures at least once or twice a year. As the needs of your business change and evolve, so too should the layout and processes in place in your warehouse. Investing the time and finances in your warehouse will have a hugely beneficial effect on your business overall and is well worth careful consideration and attention.


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