Does better gear make you a better gamer?

Whether you live in sunny Spain as an ex-pat or call somewhere else on the planet home, staying entertained in your spare time is essential. One of the most popular ways to keep busy is gaming. The modern gaming sector offers many ways to get involved, which helps explain why it has attracted so many new players.
PC and console gaming, for example, is still a big deal, and the advent of online video gaming has helped bring more gamers into this niche. Mobile play is also massive and has brought many new players into gaming. This popularity saw it generate $77.2bn in revenue during 2020!
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It is not just what you play and where you play that is important. Some people claim the gear you use can affect your performance and impact how well you do. But is this true?
Better gear and set-up can make you better
There is certainly an argument to be made for this idea. After all, the kit you use is your connection to the game and how you control what happens. It will also directly influence what you see and hear in a game. As a result, it will have a direct impact on how well you can perform.
But what specific examples are there of better kit making better results? Headsets are a case in point, especially for PC/console video gaming. Playing with a headset makes game audio clearer and gives a better idea of where things are happening in a game. They also make playing multi-player titles online (such as Overwatch) easier and aid communication with other players. All this can help you get better results and perform to a higher level.
Monitors, chairs, keyboards and controllers
Whatever game you like to play, the screen you do it on is important. A proper gaming monitor will usually have sharper visuals with reduced input lag. As you can see things a lot more clearly, you can react to them sooner.
All types of gaming will be impacted by where you physically play. A supportive gaming chair, for example, will be comfortable enough to sit in for long periods and help you to play at your best. Buying a gaming desk that allows you to play at the right height and has plenty of space to use is also better for performance.
The kit you use to control what happens in a game is also crucial. For PC gamers, this means investing in an ultra-responsive mechanical gaming keyboard is worthwhile. For laptop gamers, picking up a smooth wireless gaming mouse can give better results than the laptop’s in-built mouse. Even third-party console controllers can be worth thinking about for gamers. Brands like Razer now produce examples that pack in lots of extra features to help you play better.
Dedicated gaming phones
We have already noted that mobile play is a big part of the gaming family, and it is true to say that smartphones have redefined mobile gaming. While you could play games on your standard smartphone, many serious gamers now opt for dedicated gaming handsets. They have high refresh rates, powerful GPU units, enhanced sound, advanced graphics chips and low latency. As a result, they can help you hear more clearly, see more clearly and react quicker when playing games on them.
A better kit can make you a better gamer – but not always!
From those considering a move to Almería province to others in the rest of the world, gaming is a fun way to relax. It seems sensible to say that specialist gaming can help you improve as a gamer, compared to using a standard kit. Of course, this is not a given and will not happen the instant you start using your new gear! Whatever set-up you have, your natural talents and the practice you put in will always be a significant factor. As you will be controlling the action still, the person behind the equipment is just as important.

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