I’m anti ridiculous rules

anti ridiculous rules

THERE are too many people that have too much power given to them by somebody that has no right to. I can’t ‘phone my wife’s doctor and ask for information about any condition she has.

Every website I go to makes me accept their terms and conditions about sharing my information. I couldn’t have a video camera outside my shop that captured people walking by the store. I had to have a sign saying that there was a camera monitoring my windows.

So why all of a sudden is it OK for a person with zero qualifications, medical or official, to demand to see my medical records? This is nothing to do with vaccines per say. It’s to do with what’s happening in the world. There is a real segregation situation. If you are double vaccinated you can now fly to the UK without having a pre-departure test, but if you’re not then you do have to have one.

To be honest I’d rather be on a ‘plane knowing that everyone on there had tested negative in the last 48 hrs rather than the possibility that there could be vaccinated people that were contagious. Let me stress – I am NOT anti-vax. I’m anti ridiculous rules.

Look at what’s going on in Australia – people are getting shot in the street with rubber bullets. People are losing their jobs. Companies are selling wristbands stating you are vaccinated to prove – and I quote – ‘that you are safe to be around’. OK I’ll leave it there but I’m telling you this is a dangerous road to go down. Also it’s time to get rid of QR menus in restaurants. I’ll take my chances – give me an ordinary menu now.

Talking about restaurants, stop giving me sachets of mayo, mustard, ketchup etc.

They’re useless! I can’t open them without biting them. It gets all over my hands. There is not enough in them and what do you do with the dirty little sachets when you have squeezed the life out of them?

How come, according to all American movies or TV shows, every person that gets fired from their job, after working there for many years or just one week, always just walks out with a small box consisting of a potted plant, a picture and a coffee mug?

Also they always get a parking space outside any building they stop at!

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