Will 90-day rule change?

pensioners with a house on the Costa Blanca

Q.- We are from the UK. We are struggling with the 90-day limit for a tourist stay in Spain. As pensioners with a house on the Costa Blanca we usually spend four summer months in Spain in our house and then rent for two months in Tenerife over the winter.

We also ski for a week in Europe. None of this is possible with the 90-day limit in 180 days. Our question is, are there ongoing negotiations taking place to increase the limit to 180 days, which is what EU visitors to the UK are allowed? We have written to various officials on this subject with no response.

J L M (Costa Blanca)

A.- No, there are no negotiations taking place between the European Union and the UK regarding a change to the 90-day rule. There have been discussions regarding the concept of ‘reciprocity’ meaning that perhaps the European Union could treat UK citizens the same as the UK treats EU citizens.

This would mean the authorisation of 180-day stays in EU countries. However, these talks have not produced any concrete results, so it looks as if you will have to adapt your plans to meet the rule of 90 days in Spain and 90 days back in the UK.

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