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Well done Fiona and Sheila - what a night

Well done Fiona and Sheila - what a night!

I frequently get challenged for being too happy, many taking it to mean that I don’t have a care in the world. I, like most, don’t always wake up feeling like spring has sprung; in fact, most mornings I wake up in panic, potentially overwhelmed by the recollection of the unfinished tasks on a never-ending list.

Knowing this however lets me then choose to purposefully get myself ‘out of it’. I intentionally do whatever it takes to get into a frame of mind that not only serves my health, well-being and business, but will also hopefully inspire me enough to try and bring a little happiness to someone else’s day.

A simple smile or a cheery hello to a stranger could truly make or break them. I don’t want to be the one that breaks them with indifference or an unintentional glare, regardless of what’s going on in my world!

In fact, when things are at their worst, helping someone else can be a great way to forget about our own worries by concentrating on trying to help resolve someone else’s issues; or simply brandishing a smile to all and sundry throughout your day. Try it; I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Another way that works for me, easy to access at any time, is music.  Lately, after a few minutes of morning meditation I’ve gravitated towards the soundtrack from The Greatest Showman to have in the background whilst getting ready. The theme tune has me doing my own interpretation of the All Blacks Haka dance on many a morning; stomping around my room to psyche myself up.

I also try to be around people that make me feel happy and thoroughly enjoy a good laugh. It is the best medicine, together with music. Each week I get to combine the two: singing in Karen Danzig’s choir and being around an international mix of like-minded locals!

I have quite a deep voice and Fiona Poole, who sings next to me, does too; just standing next to her makes me feel good and she’s funny! Imagine therefore my delight to find out she’s performing skits to make us laugh and on purpose, titled ‘Ladies that Larf’. It gets even better as she performs together with another delightful member of our choir, Sheila Mellor; who incidentally has a very high voice and sits nowhere near me: lucky Sheila you may say.

I went to such an event last week, hosted at the Bombay Grill restaurant in San Pedro. It was hilariously funny.  Everyone was in hysterics, we had a good dinner and we all undeniably felt much the better for this evening of live comedy and good company.

It really does feel good to make other people feel good, so I can but imagine how elated Sheila and Fiona must have felt after the show; they acted to a packed house and made everyone’s evening; including Adana for which €800 was raised and of course, the restaurant!

PS. Happy birthday Brett, Always and forever – mum •

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