China’s real life SQUID GAME sees men & women ‘killed to order’ for their organs

China’s real life SQUID GAME sees men & women ‘killed to order’ for their organs

China’s real life ‘blood thirsty’ SQUID GAME sees men & women ‘killed to order’ for their organs.Thousands of Chinese people have their organs harvested every week in a “kill to order” market, according to reports from The Daily and The Sun. China appears to have its own real-life Squid Games as new information shows that dissidents and political prisoners are being slaughtered for their organs

Human rights groups based in China claim that the government operates an organ-trading network that harvests the organs of 100,000 dissidents and political prisoners each year. In June of this year, a group of independent UN experts expressed concern about a motion for organ removal by a minority group.

“We receive credible information that ethnic minority, linguistic, and religious minority detainees may undergo blood tests and organ tests such as ultrasound and X-rays without an informed outlet. However, other prisoners insisted that they did not need to do such a test.

“The test results are reported to be in a database of biological organ sources that facilitate organ allocation,”  said experts. The statement further stated that the most common organs harvested were “heart, kidneys, liver, cornea, and rarely part of the liver,” according to claims verified from former prisoners.

Concerns were reported in March 2020 that China executed Muslim prisoners and harvested their organs to treat dying coronavirus patients.

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A dystopian drama set in South Korea, Squid Game is a runaway hit.

No one would have thought that a decade-old script full of gore and anti-capitalist rhetoric would be the thing to knock period drama Bridgerton from the Netflix top spot. However, the last year has had stranger things happen, and so we have hit October with a new No 1; Squid Game.

Released on Sept. 17, it took just four days for Squid Game to reach number one in the Netflix chart. It is the first Korean show to make it to the top and is now the streaming service’s biggest series launch ever. The show has topped the chart in more than 80 countries so far and has drawn in 111 million fans.


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