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Q.- There was a report in Euro Weekly concerning use and holding of mobile phones in cars. What is the situation when the phone is held in a bracket on the dashboard with Google maps being displayed? I find that Google maps are more accurate than the SatNav which is attached to the windscreen or built into the dashboard. Will they also be illegal?

T D (Costa Blanca)

A.- The Traffic Department has issued detailed instructions on the legal use of mobile units in vehicles. It is legal to use units that are built into the dashboard or mounted on it. This would include your SatNav unit or your mobile telephone in a mount, to answer your specific question, because you cannot use your hands. Any type of headset that goes over the ears is not allowed.

Holding the mobile telephone in your hand, even if you are not using it, will draw stiff fines and loss of points. You can be caught by traffic cameras or from helicopters. The loss of six points has brought complaints because it is in fact the same loss as charged for reckless operation.

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