Author Kevin J Donaldson Shares Humble Journey

Author Kevin J Donaldson Shares Humble Journey

At the age of 44, Kevin J Donaldson has achieved so much. He is the founder of Real Wealth Solutions®, a life insurance broker, a business coach, and the author of the best-selling book ’10 Secrets of the New Rich.’

Kevin, who was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1977, describes his upbringing as “humble,” with his struggles with school, relationships, finances, health, and spirituality only exacerbated by Crown Heights, the “bad neighborhood” in which he grew up during the 1980s. Despite this, Kevin has lived an inspiring life and embarked on an incredible journey to achieve success in all areas. He now wants to help others overcome similar adversities by teaching them how to do so. In this brief article, he reveals the truth about where he came from, where he is now, and where he hopes to be in the future.

Why Real Wealth Solutions® Was Born

Kevin created Real Wealth Solutions® as a platform to ‘eliminate poverty and reduce governmental dependence’ by applying the lessons he has learned in his 22 years of life and business experience. According to Kevin, life insurance is the foundation of financial security because it allows a person to buy net worth and provide liquid for their family.

Kevin is a firm believer that state benefits breed dependency, which his business wants to break. His dissatisfaction with national education in the United States manifests itself in the absence of financial education from the curriculum. He firmly believes that this is fundamental knowledge that everyone should have, so he created a resource to provide this information earlier on so that people do not have to make mistakes in order to learn.

Kevin explained that he wanted to start a company that helped people because of the financial difficulties he had faced for half of his life. He considers his life to have ‘begun’ at the age of 22 because that is when he began to properly educate himself on all aspects of life: finance, relationships, health, and spirituality. All of these are pillars of life and essential to success, but they are strangely absent from the national curriculum. When people are ready to become financially independent, they can use Real Wealth Solutions® as a resource to seek out education on these topics.

Kevin On Life Insurance

As a licensed life insurance broker who represents over 70 different life insurance companies in eight states, Kevin has the knowledge and experience to assist people in achieving financial stability. Life insurance promotes growth by encouraging people to be healthier and have better relationships, both of which are empowering. Kevin believes that individuals shop for business insurance in the same manner as they shop for everything else, online. Real Wealth Solutions® is designed to suit its customer’s needs. It provides free online quotes for prospective clients to view premium and coverage information. This platform enables anyone, regardless of gender, to achieve financial independence, paving the way for the first steps toward closing the gender gap.

The Turning Point

Kevin has a distinct philosophy about life and death, as well as how he deals with sadness and loss. He describes the loss of a loved one at a young age as a watershed moment in his life that altered his perspective on life.

After ten years of grieving, his practical side kicked in and reminded him that he was not to blame and that he needed to keep moving forward. Kevin proposed an intriguing viewpoint on life and death: that they are continuations, not the end because the spirit never dies. When we arrive on this planet, we all have a plan, and once that plan is completed, we can ascend to a higher plane.

The Future of Real Wealth Solutions®

Real Wealth Solutions® assists people simply by providing financial education; he wants it to be a resource that people can go to when they want to become financially independent rather than forcing it down their throats. Kevin offers help to people who are ready to take the step of buying life insurance. He explained that life insurance is the first step to allowing people to build their future and to be ready for whatever the future may hold.

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