Reinvents the Mall-based New Car Research Experience

Census published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in January 2021 revealed that there are currently more than 20 million registered motor vehicles in Australia, with the national fleet increasing by 1.7% between 2020 and 2021. Currently, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory are seeing the most significant growth in new motor vehicles, increasing more than 2.3% in the last year.

As new buyers flood the market, looking to purchase a new motor vehicle, overall positivity regarding the Australian automotive industry has seen new light in recent months. After a successful trial period at a Sydney shopping center, has reinvented how experiencing a new car and gathering information in a brand agnostic environment free of salespeople can be done. has used a no-sales and information-only approach, allowing customers and interested buyers to gather as much information as they need without the intervention of car salespeople. Using more than 960m2 of retail floor space, the Australian startup managed to collect consumer data and help guide new buyers on the journey of finding the right car for them.

Now, is looking to mass-rollout experience centres in retail and shopping centres across Australia, with the hopes of the concept seeing traction abroad once international travel is again permitted. The experience centre is a modern take on a mundane and traditional model which will now allow customers the freedom to choose, experience, road test and deliberate with car experts conveniently placed in the experience centre – all free of charge.

How does the CarExpert Experience Centre work?

With the information-only approach, is placing car experts in the centre to assist with any necessary questions and queries new buyers may have. These experts are not affiliated with any car dealership, thus making it easy for them to give an unbiased and neutral opinion. With no fees or commissions, these experts are helping new buyers find the right car, without having to hackle prices or negotiate down payments.

The CarExpert Experience Centre is trailed by the modern retail demo concept, but with a modern twist. co-founder Alborz Fallah shared that the company has found itself in a comfortable position between buyers, manufacturers, and sellers as being solely an independent car advisor.

“There’s no better way to experience a new car today. The CarExpert Experience Centre is a no pressure environment where you can ask as many questions as you like of experts. You can test cars, sit in them, touch them and do everything you should be able to do before you make a purchase at a dealership,” Fallah said.

The CarExpert Experience Centre
The CarExpert Experience Centre

What is the CarExpert Experience Centre?

The CarExpert Experience Centre allows new buyers an inside look and real-time experience with some of the latest and newest cars on the market. Customers can expect to demo certain vehicles of their choosing and receive as much information as needed to make a final decision.


The independent car experts will then direct any interested buyer to a nearby car dealership, rolling out the red carpet for those dealerships affiliated with the experience centre.

How do you know if you’ve received enough information from the Experience Centre?

The team at has combined decades of experience and consumer research to offer the market an independent and unbiased solution. This places them in a space where they can track market trends, and conduct ample research on what the market currently wants and needs. The team members who are currently operating the Experience Centres have a blend of automotive experience and consumer behavior, offering a more relaxed and enjoyable experience. co-founder Paul Maric commented on the success of the Warringah trial period.

“We had more than 30,000 visitors through our first trial centre at Westfield Warringah Mall, which allowed us to survey nearly 800 visitors. This revealed that more than 60% of surveyed individuals are currently looking to buy a new car within the coming three months. It’s an incredible hit rate and shows you people are willing to visit one place to check out a range of new cars without the pressure of a salesperson,” Maric said. co-founder Paul Maric co-founder Paul Maric

Where will the next Experience Centre be?

Paul Maric mentioned that after the success on the Sydney Northern Beaches, will look to roll out another experience centre within the next 12 months in the Melbourne region. The Experience Centre will generally run for about 12 weeks. Some COVID restrictions could cause a delay in the rollout of upcoming events, but the team is positive to soon have their Experience Centres across Australia and potentially abroad.

Why are car dealerships looking to partner with CarExpert?

Throughout these CarExpert Experience Centres, not only displays some of the latest and newest cars but also offers car dealerships and stakeholders data-driven research on what buyers are currently looking to purchase. From this, stakeholders can further focus their marketing efforts to help target the right group of buyers.

To finish off

The CarExpert Experience Centre allows buyers to build more knowledge in a relaxed and enjoyable environment. This puts them at ease to make a conscious decision on the car they want to purchase, without the need or intervention of sales-driven experts. The independent company is building relationships between buyers and sellers to roll out a modern experience of a demo concept which hasn’t seen much traction since the start of the pandemic.


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