Hollywood Perfect Smiles

Hollywood perfect smiles have been around for a very long time now, but what is the secret of these perfect white smiles?

How do Hollywood stars get the perfect smiles? Is it hard for someone from the public to get the same smile as these stars? How expensive are Hollywood perfect smiles?

Hollywood Perfect Smiles

Hollywood smiles were invented in 1928 by Dr. Charles Pincus who invented removable veneers that actors used to wear in front of the camera. Euro weekly news

With the new technology, the veneers doctor Pincus invented became permanent by using an adhesive that kept the veneers in place for a very long time.

Hollywood smile has changed since then and newer techniques are used constantly to create the perfect Hollywood smiles not only for Hollywood stars but for everyone who is looking for a healthier, whiter, and symmetrical smile.

The new perfect Hollywood smiles procedures include teeth whitening, dental implants, veneers, gum contouring, and many other interrelated treatments.

The procedure is not hard or even time-consuming, it is different from one case to another, but generally, it is a very easy in-clinic procedure.

Patients who want to have this treatment usually tend to choose overseas international clinics because of the lower cost. These clinics usually have a long record of successful procedures for patients from all over the world.

Hollywood Perfect Smiles in Turkey

Turkey is one of the first destinations for international medical services, including dental treatments.

International dental clinics in Istanbul have created Hollywood perfect smiles for hundreds of thousands of patients, in clinics like Dentakay, an international dental clinic in Istanbul, thousands of patients receive dental treatments without any complications every year.

The reason why patients prefer to go to countries like Turkey to have their Hollywood perfect smiles is the cost.

The cost of this kind of treatment, in fact, all dental treatments overseas, is one of the major factors that contribute to the decision of receiving this treatment in a foreign country.

The cost of Hollywood smile treatment in Istanbul is roughly half the cost of the treatment in countries like the USA, Canada, and Europe.

In addition it is a “ hit two birds with one stone” situation, patients can visit a very interesting metropolitan city and have the treatment they need for half of what they would pay in their home country.

Creating Hollywood Perfect Smiles

Creating the perfect Hollywood smile starts with a thorough examination and consultation, in which the dentist explains the entire treatment plan from A to Z.

In the case of choosing international clinics, this step is done online with the help of medical advisors and translators who explain everything the doctors say using the patients’ mother language.

International clinics hire native speakers who can convey every detail related to the treatment with great proficiency and the highest levels of accuracy preventing any misunderstanding.

International dental clinics, like Dentakay in Istanbul, also provide all-inclusive service packages that cover all logistic and medical aspects of treatment so that patients have an easy and rewarding trip in all aspects.

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