It’s been a clear out week

electric scooters

This week we decided to have a massive sort out and clear out all the drawers, cupboards, crates and even the storeroom. I say we,  what I actually mean is Mrs S said, “you sit there and I’m going to bury you in papers, wires, things with plugs on, cameras, phones, DVDs, CDs and boxes and boxes of greetings cards going back over 40 years.”

So five days later I’ve nearly finished and I have to tell you it’s brutal. I found a card with Sarah’s hand print and some writing on it which I have a sneaky suspicion might not have been hers as she was only six months old and this is why it’s taken five days – the cards, the memories – I found the ones that said all our love Mum and Dad, then they changed to all my love Mum, then they stopped all together. I found cards from people I have absolutely no idea who they are or were.

In the end I just got rid of them all except the immediate family ones. I couldn’t throw them away and I don’t know why. Please tell me you all keep them too.

Nokia phones, Motorolas, Samsung old laptops, what do you do with them? Hundreds of CDs that I can’t play, all purchased for fortunes, but nothing can be done with them. I tried to burn them to a ‘stick’ so I could listen to them in the car but, of course, they are all protected so you can’t officially do anything with them. I’ve looked online but haven’t found a way yet. Any help or hints would be appreciated.

Here’s another great snippet of news that caught my eye this week. Miss France beauty pageant is being sued for judging contestants on their appearance! Please make this absolute craziness stop and tell me what you are meant to judge it on? Woodworking skills? OK time to get rid of these damn electric scooters.

I wrote about this when they first appeared a few years ago and came up against some opposition because the companies that sold them were big advertisers everywhere. Well things have got worse and it’s time to totally ban them. I understand there are some new rules and laws about them, but what you can’t legislate for is the absolute idiots that refuse to abide by any highway codes or manners. Scrap them all or make them have registration numbers, insurance and pay road tax.


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