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Sorana Filipescu of Biomagnetismo Marbella - Nutrition and Biomagnetism Specialist

If you haven’t read Masaru Emoto’s book ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’ you must; please. It was a New York Times best seller and with good reason; it certainly changed my perspective on life. Masaru corroborated with photographic evidence that human consciousness can affect the molecular structure of water. As we humans are made up mostly of water, this information is significant. I’ve written more than one column on it and followed up with experiments myself, as have friends, all again validating the premise.

Once we understand the principle of Masaru’s findings and appreciate that we are mainly made up of water, we should perhaps take more note of how we treat it.

Let’s consider that the way of knowing if a swimming pool water is safe is by testing the pH and keeping it balanced. The consequences of not doing so cultivates parasites, mould and bacteria and the proliferation of germs. Swimming in a dirty pool can also lead to severe ear, nose, and throat infections, diarrhoea, respiratory infections, rashes, and inflamed eyes and lungs.  So perhaps if our own pH is off balance we’re cultivating our own diseases?

According to Nutritionist and Biomagnetism specialist Sorana Filipescu, human beings have a pH that is close to neutral and it’s the pH that defines what is acid, alkaline, or neutral in our organs. We need to regularly balance the pH to be healthy or to reverse existing poor health conditions.

Sorana is forever extending her studies to embrace the ever-increasing understanding that traditional medicine is only one side of the coin and that biomagnetism for example can treat health conditions from an energetic point of view instead of simply from a biological perspective. Her fascination with this particular field began when she herself managed to cure an ailment that could not be resolved ‘the old-fashioned way’.

Apparently, it’s not the magnetic field that is healing the organism, but the correction of the altered pH with magnets.  By neutralising the pH the immune system is strengthened and the body has the capacity to heal itself.

I personally tried Biomagnetic therapy with Sorana; at first intrigued because she herself emanates such a positive and vibrant energy; I felt a magnetic attraction you could say (please excuse the pun). I trusted my instincts and I’m very happy I did.

The sessions are non-invasive and have worked; I no longer feel bloated and in agony after eating and I’ve felt benefits in other aspects too. I can certainly recommend considering this treatment for gastrointestinal disorders, acid reflux but also effective as I understand it for alleviating chronic headaches, hypertension, joint pains, fibromyalgia and depression to name but a few.

The more I understand the properties of water the more sense this all makes to me.  Similarly rebalancing my pH on a regular basis to optimise my immune system should be a priority; and not waiting until I feel ‘off’ to get back my balance.

I hope my experience may help; much love. • •

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