This Is How Laureti’s Technology Is Tackling Women’s Safety In Fleet Vehicles

This Is How Laureti’s Technology Is Tackling Women’s Safety In Fleet Vehicles

Laureti Group is an innovative, US-based startup that describes itself as a ‘mobility-tech’ company. Its flagship product is a fleet of ‘passenger-centric’ cars powered by Mira.OS – the world’s first operating system that exhibits self-occupancy over cars. This software has been designed with built-in safety features combining vehicle design with software-driven protocols.

Laureti intends these features to be initially focused on use cases based on female passengers in order to combat the extremely prevalent danger such passengers are faced with when commuting using such vehicles. Naturally though, the software extends the same features to all passengers, but female passengers will definitely receive more utility from it.

The Issue Of Female Safety

According to recent statistics gathered by the Guardian, more than 3,000 Uber passengers reported sexual assaults in 2018, in a similar vein, Lyft reported over 4000 occurrences of similar crimes between 2017-2019. Since NSVRC and RAINN statistics have indicated that women are twice as likely to experience sexual assaults than men, it is evident that such services pose a significant danger to the safety of women trying to use them.

This is an issue that is incredibly close to the hearts of executives at Laureti Group. The company’s Director of Strategic Relationships, Laura Boné has previously gone on record stating that “[they] are laser-focused on creating a safer travel experience for women business travelers for the purposes of development priorities”. Furthermore, that “as a woman who travels for business, [she’s] experienced first-hand the safety threats women business travelers face on the road that men don’t even have to think about”.

Laureti’s Solution

Laureti has specifically designed their operating system with solutions in mind for this problem. The OS uses a plethora of parameters to monitor for any irregularities during the journey and alert fleet operators if one is detected. Fleet operators are required to act on that warning and the actions they take will be logged into the system.

The alert system tracks a number of variables in order to reach its assessment, such as: gender and age groups, the time of the day the vehicle is hailed, how safe the surrounding locations are based on incident data of both pick up and drop off locations, unusual driving patterns, rerouting, abnormal stop and gos and abrupt movements inside the vehicle.

What this means is that when an alert is sent to a fleet operator on the basis of an assessment of these variables, the face of the driver is immediately checked through a camera to verify everyone’s safety. From here, the fleet operator can take several steps to mitigate the situation if necessary, or call the authorities for assistance.

However the true benefit of this technological innovation is that female passengers can hail a ride from a Laureti vehicle with the peace of mind and cognizance that they are being monitored – that there is a far safer mechanism in place than rolling the dice by getting a car with some stranger.

Laureti is leveraging AI and embedded features in their platform to provide safer journeys for women, as well as destination-based support to create a safer travel experience that extends outside of the vehicle as well. An added benefit for those responsible for making decisions surrounding corporate travel is that Laureti makes it easier for employers to meet their duty-of-care responsibilities to employees.

More About Laureti

More About Laureti

Laureti continues to stress that their products, which include electric vehicles as well as other technologies, follow service models intended to support the entire passenger experience. Essentially, they are working to create a global ecosystem for business travel – and by doing so – making journeys more productive, connected and secure for everyone involved.

Laureti uses the term ‘ecosystem’ to refer to everything that supports the user’s journey experience, plus the operational support for fleets and businesses to deliver that in the most sustainable way possible. Laureti have amalgamated all these concepts to create a ‘cabin experience’ supported by AI software and advanced digital technologies.

Included in this ecosystem is their electric vehicle: the MiRA I, plus MiRA.OS – the foundational technology that supports the entire ecosystem. The ultimate goal of the company is to provide a system in which every MiRA user can connect to every Laureti vehicle, and every Laureti vehicle can connect to every MiRA user.

More About Laureti

Final Comments

Laureti Group is a startup that is revolutionising the mobility industry in more ways than one, making waves every step of the way. At first glance one might easily surmise that the extent of their products was electric vehicles – but this could not be further from the truth. Not only are they the first company to capitalise on the nearing arrival of autonomous driving with their focus on a ‘passenger centric’ experience, but they are the “first company specifically looking to innovate women’s safety into business transport options.”


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