By heck, I was steaming!

By heck, I was steaming!

I was asked the other day what sorts of things make me happy.  My answer was that actually it’s very simple to keep me happy – things like a hotel key that works first time after lugging your luggage for a mile and a half. Or, like yesterday, when we had to go and pick up our TIE cards, there was a parking space right outside the police station. Does life get any better you may ask? Well yes it did – we went into the police station and were out in less than 10 minutes. So that’s what makes me happy. But let’s get back to why you are here – what’s ticked me off this week?

I’ve been thinking about getting a new car, but before I do I decided to phone my insurance company to check approximately what the new cost was going to be and as I’m over 70 will they all of a sudden decide not to cover me anymore.

I called them, got through the normal press one for this, two for that, three for something else. I thought I’d got to my right destination only to have to listen to a recording of about five minutes of rules and regulations and my rights and their rights and well just blah, blah.

I finally got through to a human being who informed me I’d pressed the wrong button and he couldn’t help me, but if I could hold for a second he would put me through to the right department – very nice of him. I thought very helpful chappy. Yes of course I can hold for a second.  Bit of music for a couple of seconds and then nothing! I just got cut off – gone!!

Was I going to phone them back? Was I heck, I was steaming. So I decided I’d do it another day.

How many years does it take for a waiter to perfect the art of walking through a restaurant without noticing that you are frantically doing the international ‘I want the bill’ sign? It’s an art!

I wrote, when HS2 was announced, that it was train crash waiting (pun absolutely intended) and I was right. The cost spiralled to astronomical proportions and, in my opinion, it was a total waste of money and wouldn’t happen as promised. Well guess what, I was right, and now the thieving, lying toe rags are trying to put a positive spin on it and they are failing miserably.


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