From electricity to microalgae

From electricity to microalgae

MICROALGAE: Visible only though a microscope Photo credit: CSIRO

ENDESA’S power station in Carboneras will turn from producing electricity to industrial-scale microalgae.

At the same time, this will give continuity to the investigation and microalgae production that began at the Litoral plant in in 2006, the energy company announced, following its recently-announced collaboration agreement with Algavillage.

According to the agreement, Algavillage, created by British companies Firglas and Biorizon Biotech, will invest more than €3 million in building a microalgae plant which it will run for 10 years with an option for renewal, Endesa announced.

Microalgae are unicellular photosynthetic micro-organisms living in saline or freshwater environments which convert sunlight, water and carbon dioxide to biomass.

Endesa and Algavillage sources revealed that the microalgae are a modern superfood with numerous health benefits owing to their high Omega-3 content, and the Carboneras project will focus on their use in the food industry.

Despite the job-losses involved in closing the power station, the Algavillage project will generate employment in the area while the plant is being assembled and once it is operative, the same sources revealed.

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