Trump accused Ilhan Omar of ‘abandoning her country’

Trump accused Ilhan Omar

Trump accused Ilhan Omar of ‘abandoning her country’ image britannica

Trump accused Ilhan Omar of ‘abandoning her country’ in an extremist right-wing attack on the Congresswoman.

On Tuesday, November 30, Ex-president Trump released a statement shaming Ms Omar for leaving Somalia, where she was born before fleeing to the US as a refugee. The former president’s statement was filled with lies and conspiracy theories trying to blacken the image of the congresswoman.

“Congresswoman Ilhan Omar should apologize for marrying her brother, committing large-scale immigration and election fraud, wishing death to Israel, and for essentially abandoning her former country, which doesn’t even have a government — Exactly what she’d like to see for the United States,” Mr Trump said in the statement.

The facts to this statement need to be clarified. The accusation of incest was introduced by a former GOP operative Anton Lazzaro, who claims he used DNA matching from a straw used by Ms Omar’s ex-husband to prove he was her sibling. Mr Lazzaro has produced no verifiable proof of his claims and is currently awaiting trial after a grand jury charged him with 10 counts of child sex trafficking.

Trump was bold when he accused Ilhan Omar as there is also no evidence that Ms Omar committed fraud or that she ever wished death to Israel.

Ms Omar never abandoned her country, She was born in Somalia in 1982 and moved to the US with her father and siblings in 1995 as asylum seekers. Pretty much the same as to what is happening in the world right now but without social media to bring it to our attention. Trump accused Ilhan Omar of ‘abandoning her country’, people need to look closer to home before they accuse others of things. After all, where was Melania born?

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