Can they extend 90 days?

Latest figures from the Spanish Government reveal 36% of UK Nationals in Spain have the Withdrawal Agreement TIE

Q.- I have seen reports that some groups are working to get a reciprocal agreement between Spain and the UK because the UK allows stays of 180 days and Spain only 90 days. This does not seem fair to those UK citizens who want to spend more time in their Spanish villas. What are the possibilities? Also, what punishments can be imposed on a person who spends more than 90 days in Spain?

S D (Costa del Sol)

A.- To answer your second question first, the Spanish border control officers have a wide range of discretion. If a person has overstayed his limit by just a few days, they are often let go with only a warning.

Those who have chosen to stay longer might be fined up to €300. For those serious offenders who simply stay as long as they want, one suggestion has been to put a stamp in their passport and put them in the computer with a prohibition from returning to Spain for, say, two years. Nobody wants to go to such extremes. As to an agreement between Spain and the UK based on reciprocity, this is very unlikely.

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