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IT’S important for those of us who live on the Costa del Sol to conscientiously create community.

The Marbella Now TV shows leading up to our Christmas programme are all related to our recent United Nationalities of Marbella Summit and the community incentives launched from the issues raised each year.

Starting off with MN328 where Mirijana Stefanovic – President of MIUC shares a very informative insight to the plights of the modern child and their perception of time and space, their needs for immediate responses, immediate likes and immediate action.

I can only but encourage you to not only watch her talk on set at the RTV Marbella studios on this subject, but also tune into MN329 to hear her talk at the event; no one was left indifferent and many people realised that it is no longer acceptable to pass off our children’s attitudes or ‘moods’ to them not being as ‘hardy’ as we were in ‘our day’. This is their day and there is no comparison; we need to understand their needs and we need to adapt accordingly.

This brings me to our #LeanOnMe campaign to rid the taboo of not being OK and encouraging people to reach out for help. We are promoting the existing suicide prevention helplines to hopefully make the numbers and concept so well publicised that those who feel they have no one to talk to.

With mental health issues being so hard to detect we need to be more aware. We only have to think of the famous comedians who hide their depression in their humour to remember that most people don’t show what’s going on in their personal lives or behind closed doors.

Apparently there is a 90-minute window from when someone decides to take definitive action. At the moment the suicide prevention helplines available are La Barandilla from 9am to 9pm every day for Spanish speakers on 911 385 385 and GIbSams for English by calling 116 123 from 6pm to midnight daily.

PLEASE CREATE POSTS AND SHARE THIS INFORMATION ON YOUR OWN SOCIAL MEDIA #LeanOnMe #BetterTogether #MentalHealth #SuicidePrevention so we can reach as many people as possible. I’m not going to include this on the bottom of all my emails too.

We are aiming to help these associations turn their helplines into 24 hours and your donations will help. La Barandilla has set up a separate account so that we can then allocate the funds raised specifically: United Nationalities of Marbella – La Barandilla – ES89 2100 1898 9002 0043 2033

Following up on our #ZeroHero initiative please remember that if you’re the one driving others who are drinking, why pay if you don’t have to?  Choose one of our participating venues and reclaim your just reward:  Prestigious local restaurants, bars and hotels support this initiative as does the Casino Marbella, precisely because our lives do matter and we all feel that promoting road traffic safety in Marbella but with a positive twist, is easy to do and so very worthwhile. • •

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