5 ways to celebrate your 30th anniversary in style

5 ways to celebrate your 30th anniversary in style

Traditionally recognized as a pearl wedding anniversary, any 30th anniversary deserves special attention. After all, with three decades behind you, there is a lot you can celebrate. Your memories have earned you the right to enjoy this day. And parallel to that festive celebration, your 30 years’ partner deserves a special gift, as unique as their personality.

The 30th-anniversary gift

While each marriage year can be paired with gemstone or material, the 30th wedding anniversary is symbolized by pearl. The pearl symbolizes beauty from within. It’s a kind that embodies a special bond driving a 30-year connection. The pearl will always be a timeless gift. In addition, as a piece of jewelry or part of homeware, the pearl-based gift has many other creative ways that can mark that special day.

The gifts range is immense

As you can imagine, these 30th wedding anniversary gifts include traditional and nontraditional choices. From mother-of-pearl pieces of jewelry to once in a lifetime trips and experiences, everything can be in order. Below are a few options that will always be top choice:

Timeless and Elegant Pearl Necklace

From all the options you have, when it comes to gifts for the ladies, there is nothing more traditional than the pearl necklace. A pearl necklace will always be classified as a traditional 30th-anniversary gift. Offering it on this unique occasion will be an excellent heirloom piece that can be passed to hopefully many next generations. Plus, it will always look stunning both when wearing or when in the jewelry box. If you are able, delight your love with a gorgeous pearl necklace containing South Sea pearls. There are the most valuable sea gems you can find on the market. They are classing, elegant, and always charming.

The Anniversary Party

Parties will always be a great way to celebrate any anniversary. If you are celebrating 30 years together, then that is already a party on another level. Aim for a big one. Invite all friends and family who have been with the both of you during all those years, and celebrate memories. Prepare some old pictures for a good walk down the memory lane, or even bring out some nostalgic dress code that’s been partially forgotten. Just make sure you watch with the alcohol – after all, you are not as young as you first started with your marriage.

The Long-Awaited Trip

You’ve been talking about it for years, and constantly postponing it? You had so many places in mind, and never decided where to go, therefore not visiting any of them? Time to change the stats. Your 30th anniversary is the perfect moment for the trips of your dreams. Make sure you give yourself enough time to truly enjoy that trip and stop doubting your decision – the three decades together deserve to be celebrated in style.

Diamond-Based Jewelry

Besides pearls, modernists also started adopting diamonds as a representation of this memorable occasion. Diamonds, just like pearls, will withstand any time and pressure. So, is there a better way to describe your marriage but by gifting the most precious gem? And while diamond jewelry tends to be the first go-to present, diamond-shaped gifts allow a more unique twist.

Keep it Private

If your 30th anniversary is in winter, or you are just not able to do an outdoor picnic, prepare one in your living room. Light up the fireplace for some ambience and set a blanket right in front of it. If you want to make it even more romantic, add some candles and essential oils around the room, and make sure you have some delicious food. The great thing about a home picnic – the fridge is always just a few steps away.

Overall, no matter if you go for the pearl-based option, for a different type of diamond, or you just want to gift wonderful lily flowers, this occasion must be celebrated.

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