The increasing significance of financial education: German NeoBroker provides free stock analysis

The increasing significance of financial education: German NeoBroker provides free stock analysis

Dominic (left) and Manuel Heyden, based in Cologne, is shaking up Europe's trade industry with their next markets.

One trend that is increasingly prevalent, particularly in Spain, is the cryptocurrency trade. Spaniards are eager to learn about investments on the stock market, are very open to digital currencies and are venturing into cryptocurrency trading to a greater extent than German consumers, for example. In order that private investors can also invest more successfully in financial instruments such as stocks, ETFs, CFDs or even cryptocurrencies, NeoBroker nextmarkets in Cologne have developed a special concept.

Quick development in the cryptocurrency field.

It is well known that investments on global exchanges always involve risks on top of opportunities. This is specifically true for digital currencies like Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and Ripple. Cryptocurrencies are known to be highly volatile, which means their prices sometimes fluctuate extremely. For example, Bitcoin has recently increased to $67,000, reaching a new high all the time. Right now (late November 2021), it is just under US$57,500. As a result of this high volatility and the associated risks, many investors have so far avoided matching investments in the cryptographic market. However, there is good news too.

For instance, the first bitcoin term ETF launched in the United States was a great success. But how will the future of cryptocurrency look like? At the very least, analysts say that bitcoin will sooner or later target for the $70,000 mark.

Financial education in Cryptocurrency & Co stock exchange coaches.

In Spain as in Germany, young investors have increased confidence in long-term cryptocurrencies. They are looking for solutions to assist them in investing in digital currencies. NeoBrokers with their own trading platform such as nextmarkets, which can be used via an easily downloadable, easy-to-use and transparent app, not only offer trading in a wide range of financial instruments, but precisely also trading in cryptocurrencies.

As a result, nextmarkets takes a different approach than most of its competitors. Manuel Heyden, cofounder and CEO of the company, describes the special approach as follows: “Investing in the stock market is like going to driving school. You can’t just pick up a car and leave. That’s why we at nextmarkets provide beginners with step-by-step instructions and high-level investment ideas.”

In fact, the experiences, also in Spain, show that newcomers in particular do not have the basic knowledge necessary in trade, particularly in the area of investing in digital currencies. Because of this, 17 stock exchange coaches publish up to 300 market analyses per month, including on cryptocurrencies, on the nextmarkets trading platform founded by the brothers in 2014. Particularly in volatile markets like digital currencies, such analyses may be extremely useful.

These real-time analyses on major topics should facilitate investment, particularly for young investors. They can get the financial education they need to invest in over 7,000 stocks and 1,000 ETFs in, say, Nextmarkets. Any available financial products may also be traded as a CFD through leverage. Besides, “fractional trade” is possible.

Conditions of NeoBroker make it attractive

If you manage your securities account at a bank or through a traditional broker, you must pay an order fee per order. With NeoBrokers, customers pay considerably less or, as with other markets, no charge per transaction if the minimum order volume is 250 euros. If the volume of orders is lower than that, the trading platform charges only one euro per trade, which makes the faces relaxed, particularly among young newcomers.

For investors, the question of security is also a decision-making criterion for which NeoBroker trusts their money. The company nextmarkets is characterized by the fact that it does not operate a deposit business. All securities trading orders as well as the processing of payments in connection with the custody of securities are handled directly. Even more transparency and security is ensured by the fact that nextmarkets is licensed as a securities trading bank and as a portfolio manager through a subsidiary and is allowed to offer its products throughout Europe.

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