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Q. I know that Spain for some years has offered grants for purchase of new cars and tax rebates when you junk your old car. Is this still in effect and how would I find out about it?

M L (Costa del Sol)

A. Yes, it is called Plan Moves III and is now limited to grants for all-electric and hybrid vehicles. It offers no grants for gasoline-powered vehicles. The plan went into effect in September and will run over the next three years.

It offers total aid of €67.5 million. Specifically the maximum amount an individual can receive would be €7,000 if he buys an all-electric or a plug-in hybrid vehicle and junks his present car more than seven years old. If he does not junk his old car, the grant drops to €4,500. The grant does not apply to vehicles whose range is less than 90 kilometres, so it cannot be used for mobility scooters.

Private persons can get grants of 70 per cent to install charging stations. The best way to inform yourself is simply to go to your automobile dealer. He wants to sell you a car, so he will make sure that you get the best deal possible.

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