Payback time

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JUST how far back are we going with these accusations of so-called ‘historical’ racism? Thoroughly respectable citizens are now finding their careers and very livelihoods in jeopardy, merely because years ago they may have used a term or word that today isn’t considered acceptable.

As ludicrous as it may seem, you can bet that one day some woke committee, or another will suggest bringing the creators or participants of ‘Till Death Do Us Part’ or ‘The Black and White Minstrels’ to book.

It truly wouldn’t surprise me if compensation wasn’t sought from (ironically) the BBC, or some production company involved in these programmes of yore. Well, it’s all payback time, isn’t it?

The recent testimony of cricketer Azeem Rafiq was a case in point. His tearful account of experiencing racism in cricket and his naming of Michael Vaughn, who (a decade ago) was one of those censured, was enough despite a public apology, to just about destroy Vaughn’s whole distinguished career. At the hastily called public enquiry, the bleeding-heart committee, with compassionately furrowed brows, delivered unctuous apologies, while the Yorkshire cricket club awarded him £200,000 in ‘compensation’.

The fact that this same ‘sportsman’ had himself been accused and admitted making several anti-Semitic and racist remarks some years ago, was conveniently omitted. He was also brought to book for harassing and sending vulgar messages to a 16-year-old girl. The biased media of course completely brushed over these facts, which never saw the light of day again.

From my experiences in apartheid South Africa, where the black community hated both the white and Asian ‘Cape coloureds’ (and vice versa) and Saudi Arabia, where I employed quite several Pakistani men, I can quite categorically state that the majority were the most blatant racists of all. The UK’s ethnic immigrant minorities are no strangers to racial inequality.

Whereas much of British so-called racism has been steeped in light-hearted humour and comedy (Manuel!) in their own countries of origin, many ethnic communities have experienced years of violence and hatred provoked by their different cultures and religions. The woke brigade are a gift from heaven for many of these people and they will take every opportunity to make us all feel bad, while they craftily milk it for all its worth.

The recent case of actor Jussie Smollett, who faked his own racist and homophobic attack, is a similar case in point. I reiterate once again that I am not condoning racism in any form; but I won’t be sucked in by the crocodile tears of the ‘offended victims’ as if they are bewildered by it all, when their own societies have been steeped in it for eons.

Yet another American court case will be decided next week. Gird yer loins for the violent reactions and blanket left-wing media coverage if the American white female police officer, who allegedly shot a black man by mistake, is found not guilty – incidentally a verdict I would completely agree with.

Keep the faith

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