Problems with a neighbour? If he or she occupying your plot?

Problems with a neighbour

In the article of this week, that is published in full in our website:, we are giving some legal and useful information about the occupation of a property by a neighbour.

If this had happened to you, there is an special and “fast” court process with the only aim to get back or retain the possession.

This process and kind of court case, are based on the legal principal of the Spanish Law, that  states that nobody could by forced get the possession of a property or a thing that I is used by other person.

On this special court case, is discussed just if a person was occupying and using a property or a thing, and somebody has damage the possession. It is not to discuss about ownership or who just a better title to use the property. Only to get the possession back.

A really common example is the occupation by a neighbour of a plot or piece of land by changing the fences, etc.

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