Are you well?

The truth is, if we’re well, all’s well.

Firstly happy, happy, happy New Year to you all. I would like to think that you all had a lovely time doing whatever it was you were doing.
I found myself in bed for a couple of weeks with acute sinusitis leading up to the Christmas festivities and although disappointed to miss out on so many of the lovely events I had planned to attend, I did get a chance to rest once I felt a bit better, reflect on the past year and muse over things to come.
I chuckled to myself that I had prepared for a day of recording television, several appointments and a charity commitment, all imperative, only to end up cancelling each one as I wasn’t well.
Suddenly all my priorities had changed and my crucial list of tasks was now not that vital; and guess what: the heavens didn’t fall and the world went on just fine without me.
It was a well-timed reminder that none of us are essential so above work and charity and all else, we need to make sure we take care of ourselves. In retrospect I think I only got poorly because I was physically and emotionally exhausted from a non-stop year of ‘important’ things to do and my defences were depleted. This year I don’t want to be on automatic pilot at any time, nor programme so many things into any one day that none of them, nor I, get the attention deserved.
This means I can only afford to dedicate my energy and time to people and things that are truly worth my while; for the sake of my health if nothing else.
We often put all our emphasis on work and others, not thinking it necessary to take time for oneself, as if it were selfish or self-indulgent. I think however that’s a misconception; it’s like the oxygen mask on a plane, if you aren’t breathing you won’t be able to help anyone else. Our personal well-being therefore should be at least equally important as our work or family.
We ceremoniously ask each other ‘how are you?’ but understand that the question is a mere formality and that no one really wants to know. This may be the case, but at least we should know how we feel; we need to keep a check on ourselves; daily.
We should all take a moment each day, or several moments, to consider not just how we feel in ourselves, but also evaluate constantly how we feel about the people and situations around us. If conditions are not optimum we should act accordingly; there and then, if we or it doesn’t feel right, do something about it because the truth is, if we’re well, all’s well. • •

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