Palma Aquarium closes for months of January and February

Visit of one of the Magi January 6

Visit of one of the Magi January 6 Credit: Palma Aquarium

PALMA AQUARIUM closes for months of January and February but hopes to reopen in March due to lack of visitors.
Just four days after one of the Magi took to the waters of the Palma Aquarium on January 6, the management advised that it would close until March.
In a brief statement on its Facebook page, little explanation was given other than the fact that they were taking a break and hoped to open again in March.
Looking beneath the surface it is clear that there are three main reasons for the decision, all of which revolve around finance and lack of visitors.
The winter season is certainly not the most prosperous time for the Aquarium but now with the lack of visitors to the island, cancellation of school trips as well as organised visits for the elderly, the pandemic (or fear of infection) means that there are just not enough visitors to justify the cost of opening.
Clearly, the denizens of the deep within the Aquarium’s care will continue to be looked after, but those interested in what is happening will have to follow activities on social media for the time being.
This closure follows an earlier decision by Marineland in Costa d’en Blanes to only open at weekends with owners looking for financial assistance for the government to help support staff salaries.
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