Ovo Energy founder Stephen Fitzpatrick apologises for ridiculous advice

OVO ENERGY founder Stephen Fitzpatrick apologises for ridiculous advice telling people how to keep warm.
For once a company that clearly made a major mistake had the sense to put their hands up and say sorry!
To often, large companies prefer to make a bland statement of defence which only goes to irritate customers even more rather than simply apologise and move on.
For several days, social media as well as press radio and tv laughed at an email and website post from energy company Ovo which advised customers how to stay warm and save money.
The list included stopping draughts, encouraging children to have hula hoop competitions, cleaning the house, wearing more clothes and cuddling a pet brought a combination of derision and anger from consumers facing ever increasing bills.
Very quickly, the company issued a tweet stating “You might have seen OVO & SSE in the news today. We recently sent an email to customers with energy saving tips that linked to a blog post. This blog should never have been written or sent to customers – it was embarrassingly unhelpful and poorly judged. We are sincerely sorry.”
Following this, the company’s founder Stephen Fitzpatrick (said to be worth £675 million according to the Sunday Times Rich List) appeared on radio and tv to personally apologise for the blunder and to admit that he was embarrassed by the whole thing.
Speaking to the BBC he said “We’re a large company and somebody had a bad day” but admitted that someone is his organisation should have spotted this before it was ever issued.
Those who commented on his appearances said that he appeared to be both sincere and was generally contrite over what had happened.
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