New Balearic tourism laws will benefit hotel workers in Mallorca

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President Armengol explained her plans Credit: Twitter

NEW Balearic tourism laws will benefit hotel workers in Mallorca and be subsidised by the Government to the overall tune of €55 million.
Addressing an audience of more than 100 including various members of the National Government and union leaders in Madrid on January 17, prior to the opening of the Fitur Tourism Exhibition, Balearic President Francina Armengol unveiled her plans for sustainable tourism.
The new legal framework has been developed with the aim that the Balearic Islands can continue to lead tourism thanks to a series of transformations that will allow the destination to be fully sustainable and circular.
It is intended to make the islands more attractive to visitors, less damaging to the environment and better for workers thanks to a series of new legal requirements underwritten by European Union funds.
First on the agenda is a requirement that by 2023, all beds in hotels (estimated at around 300,000) will have to be capable of being raised by either mechanical of electrical means in order to make it easier for some 20,000 hotel maids and cleaners to change bed linen and clean as 35 per cent of work-related accidents suffered by this group are related to overexertion.
Additional requirements will concern food and water as well as waste and clean energy and restaurateurs will be required to ensured that no species from an endangered category are served and the traceability of fish and shellfish of Balearic origin will be established as mandatory.
Tourist establishments will be required to replace fuel boilers with natural or electric gas boilers, which will emit 57,600 kilos less CO2 per establishment per year.
There will be an obligation to install double-button systems in toilet cisterns in hotels, as well as water-saving devices in washbasin taps, bathtubs and showers and the use of rainwater will be encouraged.
Finally, in the case of waste, the rule will prohibit the use of disposable courtesy items and hotels will have to replace the use of paper with QR codes and will also be required to measure waste consumption.
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