Delighted with Australia’s decision to deport Djokovic. In my opinion this man has always exuded a certain arrogance and was undoubtedly under the impression that because he could get away with just about anything in his own country, he would be able to manipulate the Australian authorities in the same way.
He reminds me of Oscar Pistorius; another sportsman who also thought his prowess in the arena placed him above the law. Well both of these men have now had their egos firmly brought down to terra firma. I just couldn’t imagine Nadal or Federer trying to get away with this flagrant disrespect of another country’s regulations – two true gentlemen of a sport this man has sullied with his egotistical disregard for the authorities that govern law and order.
All this of course comes after ‘others’ were also under the impression the laws of the land didn’t apply to them. To be honest a bit of illegal boozing at Number 10 didn’t bother me unduly, but unfortunately Boris has been caught lying to the House; consequently, as Profumo and others have discovered in the past (and Blair didn’t!) this is unacceptable and in my opinion his position is now untenable. Who should take his place? Don’t ask me – I certainly have my opinions of who shouldn’t!
Second delight of the week is the decision by culture secretary Nadine Dorries to freeze the BBC licence fee for the next two years. This almost unbelievably biased operation simply must be curbed. To think they expect a British public should pay even more for their diatribes of left-wing propaganda simply defies the imagination. Their saturated coverage of the ‘garden party’ affair has been a positive disgrace. Their edited extracts, carefully selected to show the prime minister in the worst light and the incredible amount of airtime given to his political enemies, (apparently a ratio of five to one of their featured speakers have been in favour of his resignation) reveals an attitude more arrogant than Djokovic and Pistorius put together.
This prejudice of course is only matched by the reports they decide to suppress. How many of us were aware that their current hero Kier Starmer was actually caught on camera drinking beer with his colleagues in a Durham constituency office during lockdown last May? I personally hadn’t seen this event chronicled in any BBC reports at all. Starmer’s actions were in blatant disregard of the lockdown laws and should have received at least some retributory publicity. Some chance. Pots, kettles and throwing stones in glass houses come to mind.
This of course goes even further to reinforcing my opinion that the whole unethical biased organisation is not fit for purpose and should have their licence revoked all together. I think the lot of them are a disgrace. Pity the poor old Queen. Not much to celebrate for this precious lady in what is supposed to be her celebratory Jubilee year. Stick ‘em in the tower ma’am, where they all belong.
Keep the faith.
Love Leapy,
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