It’s a purely political decision

A Place in the Sun host hits back at picky couple in Spain

SO Novak Djokovic got deported from Australia and, in my opinion, it was an absolute dog’s dinner. If they had any health concerns they should have just declared that if he was not vaccinated he could not enter the country for any reason whatsoever (which is a nonsense too).
But someone somewhere decided to let him in. Unfortunately for Novak, and tennis fans round the world, it got political and after much toing and froing Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke cancelled the visa, just three days before the tourney was set to begin.
Now if Hawke had said Novak lied about not quarantining or posing for photographs in Spain, whilst allegedly breaking Covid rules maybe, but he didn’t. Novak was deported because “it serves the public interest”, Hawke said. And this is what really worries me. Djokovic’s presence in Australia may be a risk to the health and ‘good order’ of the Australian people. How? He hasn’t got Covid.
Scott Morrison, the Australian PM welcomed the court’s decision, saying, “it will help keep our borders strong and keep Australians safe.” For me, it all sounds wrong and is a purely political decision and in line with the whole Australian panic rules over the last two years.
Finally got my new iPhone from my service provider so I could pay for it monthly as it’s just under half of what I paid for my first house! I bought a flip over case which allows you to keep a couple of credit cards and also acts as a stand.
Got it home, put the case on and after a bit noticed the ‘phone stopped vibrating on silent mode. I took it to Apple – he took it out, fiddled about for a few minutes, fixed it and put it back in the case. But when I got home I noticed it wasn’t working again.
Mrs S got involved and started doing some searching online and found out it was a common problem and was caused by the magnets in the case interfering with the magnet in the ‘phone. Out of the case the ‘phone worked fine so I took that case back and got my €20 back. I set off back to the Apple store to get a new case and, of course, that’s where you get conned as it cost me another €90 for a case plus screen protection.
I think Apple do all these things so you have to buy their products only.
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    • eve duncan

      09 December 2021 • 18:24

      I really love the fact that British come to Spain and dont make their homework at all and then they absolutely hate it. By the way, many people dont realise all the hoops they will have to jump now to come and live here.

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