Retirement in the sun: Could investing be your short-cut to get there?

Spain is a hotspot for pensioners looking to enjoy a relaxing lifestyle in the sun. While Brexit has made things a little harder for Brits wanting to move, it’s still possible to do so provided you have sufficient funds and medical insurance to cover you. That makes investing more important than ever before.

Anyone with big dreams knows how difficult it is to make a reality without a plan and, above all, without funding. If you hope to retire in a sunny location, you therefore need to think about how you get the means to do it – and this requires big-picture thinking.

Think beyond savings accounts

The first thing you need is a private pension scheme you can pay money into. Investments should only ever be part of a larger strategy, as you also need solid savings and a private pension to ensure you have what you need when retirement approaches. This is because nothing is ever certain in the world of investments. Yes, we can predict, but we can never guarantee it, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. Because investing can make your money grow, savings can’t.

Be bold and think long-term

Yet, the safe option is comforting. You know what you get, can plan and minimise the risks, but sometimes more is required. Why? Because fortune favours the bold – if you stay coolheaded. Today, there are many ways to invest and get more out of your money and one of the most popular ones is cryptocurrency like Bitcoin and Ethereum, a valuta that you can trade and sell on the digital market. Start out by doing extensive research and finding the right brokers on Here, you can find guides to learn more about your trading options.

Get inspired by the FIRE method

Get inspired by the FIRE method

If you are serious about boosting your retirement savings, you can get inspired by Financial Independence, Retire Early (Fire), a movement of predominantly younger professionals saving viciously to retire as early as 40. Although that might not be on the cards for most of us, the FIRE method can be a great tool. Their key principles are to live a frugal lifestyle, adopt extreme saving methods and to generate an income through investments. That means investing in a diverse set of things to minimise any issues from poor performing stocks and problems.

Have fun with it

Enjoying the process is important if you are to save up and retire in a sunny location like Spain. That might seem weird, considering you will be saving and living frugally, but the truth of the matter is that living this way can be immensely rewarding. It enables us to be less materialistic and forces us to enjoy the simpler pleasures of life, like enjoying walks in the park, exercising outdoors and spending time with friends and family. After a while, shopping for fancy designer items you don’t need will be nothing but a distant memory.

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