Many people who have already obtained temporary non-lucrative residence are wondering when and how they have or can renew it. In this article we will briefly tell you how. When a person is granted temporary non-lucrative residence, it is valid for one year.
After that, the next two renewals will cover periods of two years. In other words: if I apply for renewal for the first time and it is granted, I will have the temporary residence covered for two years.
If you want to renew this non-lucrative residence, you must meet the same requirements as for the first time you applied. However, there is a big difference: you will have to prove your means of subsistence for two years.
When we are required to provide sufficient means of living for the first year, it is requested to prove 400% of the IPREM for the main applicant, and 100% for each extra family member. For the second renewal, double the amount of financial means must be demonstrated, i.e. 800% of the IPREM.
The monthly IPREM for 2022, is of 579,02€ per month.
If the renewal has already been applied for, the Spanish administration has three months to process the application for temporary non-gainful residence and to decide. That is to say: in the three-month period, they must not only have processed the application, but they must also have issued a decision. If no decision has been issued, the application is deemed to have been accepted.
Finally, we still need to know when to apply for renewal. At White and Baos we always recommend that the renewal of the non-profit temporary residence permit is made within 60 calendar days before the expiry date of the authorisation. Although it is true that it is also possible to apply for the renewal of the residence permit within 90 days from the date on which the authorisation expired, it is not very advisable. In this time, the administration may have opened and initiated a sanctioning procedure against you.
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