Congress approves extended mandatory use of masks outdoors in Spain

Andalucian centres for the elderly criticise the removal of masks indoors

Andalucian centres for the elderly criticise the removal of masks indoors. image: twitter

The extended mandatory use of masks outdoors in Spain has been approved by Congress

Congress has approved, late in the afternoon this Tuesday, February 1, the decree-law that extends the mandatory use of masks outdoors in Spain. The law was passed in the Congress of Deputies with 162 in favour, 153 against, and 28 abstentions.

Any final decision to eliminate this restriction will be left to each one of the individual autonomous communities. This law establishes the mandatory use of masks for people aged six and older, in any closed or outdoor space for public use.

It also applies to anybody using the public means of transport. The text also establishes the exceptions to this obligation, such as during the practice of individual sports or outdoor activities, provided that a minimum distance of 1.5 metres is maintained with other people who do not live together.

Likewise, people who present some type of illness, or respiratory difficulty, that may be aggravated by the use of the mask, are not obliged to wear one, as reported by


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    • Naimah Yianni

      02 February 2022 • 09:18

      Ridiculous. They don´t work and just make you breath in your own stale air. that´s not good for the lungs. And we are doing this because of a cold that´s going round? It really is time that this charade came to an end – the government is saying that covid should be treated as endemic but they are still extending measures
      The only time I get a sore throat is when I have to put a poxy mask on, which thankfully is rarely.

      • CCW60

        02 February 2022 • 15:55

        The only time I get a sore throat is when I have to put a mask on as well. Breathing one’s own toxin filled carbon dioxide over and over instead of fresh air is horrific for the lungs and body. If masks worked, COVID would be non existent by now. Everyone knows they don’t work but lets just keep the pretense up to keep everyone in fear that a cold with a less than one percent death rate is gonna kill us all.

    • John

      02 February 2022 • 09:51

      Unbelievable. There is almost conclusive evidence that masks outside have no effect whatsoever. Apart from ‘feelings’, what evidence have they produced that clearly shows, in a post-vaccine, omicron (not delta) world, wearing a mask in the fresh air is helpful? It just isn’t, and if anything would spread the virus due to the way people handle them. I’m absolutely stunned at this bizarre group-think theatre exercise masquerading as governance.

    • CCW60

      02 February 2022 • 15:49

      If mask wearing worked COVID would have been long gone already. FACT: MASKS DON”T WORK

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