Balearic Government gears up to obtain increased funding from Spain

Minister of Finance and Foreign Affairs, Rosario Sánchez Credit: Balearic Government

BALEARIC GOVERNMENT gears up to obtain increased funding from Spain claiming tourists and the Mediterranean should be taken into account.
On Monday January 31, the Balearic Ministry of Finance and Foreign Affairs published a 58-page document making recommendations concerning the way in which funding is allocated by the National Government.
There are a number of criteria, based on area and size of population but according to this document the Balearics should be treated differently to mainland Autonomous Communities due to the extra cost of maintaining facilities across the four main islands.
The fact that the islands are relatively close to each other does not mean that transports costs are accordingly low and the government also has to subsidise the movement of passengers between the islands.
Perhaps most important however is the fact that there is a huge transient population which whilst bringing prosperity to some sections of industry when tourism is in ‘full swing’, it also causes a major drain on facilities such as health, water, refuse disposal and policing which has to be born by the entire population not just those who benefit from tourism.
To this end therefore and with the knowledge of the municipalities and the various political parties across the islands, the ministry urges the National Government to agree to create a formula whereby an average transient population figure is recognised and included in the population count.
Referring back decades to a previously rejected request, this document suggests that when calculating the area of the Balearics for financial support calculations, it would be appropriate to include the area of sea surrounding and between each island plus the stretch of water between northern Mallorca and the mainland.
In the case of Autonomous Communities completely on land, the area is measured and funding is based on that area occupied by the community but for those who are resident there, movement is relatively easy and inexpensive when compared to costs facing those in the Balearics.
Whilst this latter option may not be acceptable to the National Government, it is hoped that an element of forgiveness of public debt will also be agreed in light of the information contained in the proposal.
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