Pets and the law in 2022

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PET TREATMENT: A step forward so they cannot be mistreated.

Regular readers will know that I have a rescue galgo and podenco so this particular post is close to my heart. We have had some good news regarding how pets are treated according to the law here in Spain.
Now the law has recognised what we knew all along that pets have feelings which is a step forward so they cannot be mistreated or abandoned. Also, pets are part of the family in case of a divorce, so the decision of the Court has to take into account the custody of the pet and consider what is best for them. You can also leave instructions in your will as to what happens to your pet after you pass away.
Also, if you find a lost pet you are legally obliged to look after it for their owner, with the only exception being if you have evidence of the pet being mistreated.
As I have said at the start of the article I am particularly concerned as to what happens regarding hunting dogs. We will have to wait until February  2, 2022 for the government’s decision regarding these dogs (not known at the time of going to press).
Further in 2022 a new law is planned which will state that pets in Spain will have to have an identity document to stop them being abandoned. Spanish pets will have an Animal DNI for 2022. This animal identity document will be compatible with the microchip, there will be basic information such as the name of the pet, the date of birth, the vaccines it has and all the owner’s information. In this way, the owner of the animal can be easily located in case of abandonment.
The bill also includes other measures in favour of animal rights. It is envisaged that people who want to have a dog as a companion animal must take a training course which will allow them to have an animal in their care. In addition, there is a network of domestic violence shelters that will welcome the animals of female victims of domestic violence so that abused women can maintain their bond with their pet.
At the time of writing I don’t know the cost of the training course for people living in Spain who wish to adopt an animal. I also do not know if the course will be done in English like say the driving theory test. I will of course publish this information once I find out.
The maximum number of animals in a house will be five, although it will not be a retroactive measure. Therefore, when this rule comes into force, people who have more than five animals will be able to continue with them, although they will not be able to acquire more.
Marisa Moreno Castillo Consul for Denmark and Senior Lawyer at Just Law Solicitors .

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