4 tips for healthy nails

4 tips for healthy nails

4 tips for healthy nails. Image - Pixabay

Taking care of your nails is as simple as eating right, keeping them moisturised and cutting them carefully.

Take a look at our steps to strong and healthy nails that keep on growing!

Moisturise nails with oil

Moisturising our hands is something we should aim to do regularly to keep them soft and supple, however, nails also need a little extra nutrition. Using Vaseline, castor oil (which is particularly beneficial for weak nails) or olive oil is great for keeping nails hydrated, strengthening them in a natural way and promoting growth.
Pamper your nails and cuticles with a 10-minute nail bath using a container and little oil of your choice each week.

You are what you eat

We hear this a lot and just like the rest of our bodies, nails suffer from nutritional deficiencies. So, if you’re not eating the right things, your nails will become brittle or grow at a slower rate.
Some of the best things to eat for healthy nails are nuts, which contain selenium that strengthens nails. Shellfish is another great source as it is rich in zinc and reduces white spots on nails. Supplements are also an easy way to introduce nutrients, with collagen anti-ageing formulas working a treat.

Cut carefully

Try not to cut nails excessively and expose the skin that is below the surface. Doing so exposes your nails to chemicals and external substances that can cause infections. And don’t cut your cuticles! Instead, soften them with oil and use a cuticle stick to gently push them back.

Wear gloves

It may seem obvious, but wearing gloves to clean and do the washing up will protect your nails from chemicals and from being exposed to water warm water for too long – both responsible for weakening the nails and causing breakages.

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