Freeze on building new hotels in Mallorca and the other islands

Decision made by Governing Council

Decision made by Governing Council Credit: Balearic Government

FREEZE on building new hotels in Mallorca and the other islands as well as a hold on new tourist rental property for four years announced on Friday February 11.
The Balearic Government says that it has taken this decision in order to ensure that the tourist offer is beneficial to both visitors and residents on the islands and that it wants to ensure all of its new sustainability regulations are working properly.
Currently, Mallorca has numerous approved tourist rental properties, closely followed by Ibiza at but this so called ‘stock exchange’ cannot be increased and proprietors as well as hotel owners have to comply with new regulations concerning both the circular economy and sustainability.
Understandably there has been an outcry from two main organisations, the Association of Builders of the Balearic Islands fears that their members, many of whom rely on new builds will be seriously hurt by this decision as they try to recover from hold ups caused by the pandemic.
The other group Habtur Balearics represents tourist rental property owners and argues that as one in three visitors to the islands choose rental property, if the economy is to recover with the arrival of more tourists, then the rental stock needs to be enlarged to cope.
Tourism is something of a double-edged sword as whilst a significant percentage of the island’s population rely on visitors, many want to see the number controlled and their quality improved.
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