Unique black orchid blooms in Estepona Orchid Park

The unique black flowers Credit: Estepona Council

UNIQUE black orchid blooms in Estepona Orchid Park and the Fredclarkeara After Dark flower should last for about one month.
The curator of the Botanical-Orchid Park, Manuel Lucas, explained that this colour rarely occurs in other plants and the intensity of the black depends on the amount of light that the specimen receives at the time of flowering so that the less lighting, the darker the hue.
In the case of this specimen, its location is conducive to presenting different tones depending on the time of day. Thus, in the first half of the morning the flowers are a chocolate colour, while from midday they change to an intense black.
Local experts had to experiment until they achieved a perfect cross between different species and hybrids of the Catasetum, Clowesia and Mormodes genera to produce this very unusual specimen.
The stem of the orchid holds around 15 flowers measuring some five centimetres each and it is this is one of a number of exotic orchids able to flower in the winter, thus making a visit to the Council run Orchid Park very worthwhile.
Among the many species on show, two other notable orchids are the Myrmecophila tibicis known as ‘The ant lover’ and the Demdrobium spectabile, which offers spectacular colourful flowers.
Many of the specimens on show are rare to find in Europe as they hail from the tropics and require highly specialised botanical care.
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