European software developers disclose the latest programming principles

Successful, experienced European developers have revealed the latest programming principles going into 2022. According to recent data, there are over six-million software engineers working across Europe. Of course, some of the highest concentration of programmers work in Germany, the United Kingdom, as well as France. With so many creative minds working in the industry, there are several core operating principles, mindsets, and techniques that can be learned from. As a software engineer yourself, this will help to promote speed, security, efficiency, and productivity throughout the SDLC. To get started now, read on to learn about the European software developers disclosing the latest programming principles.

Build design up front (BDUF)

Another major software development principle involves building the design up front. This has become incredibly popular in recent years, especially as technology is becoming more useful everyday. Simply put, this concept requires programmers to fully complete and finalize the project’s design before moving into development. This generally helps to dispel issues early-on and promote rapid solving. Many developers in the EU recommend starting with the general architecture. After that, move into requirements design and analysis. Only at this point, should developers move to implementation. Certainly, European developers suggest BDUF will be one of the core principles going into 2022.

Use the latest tools and technologies

EU software development experts also recommend using the latest tools and technologies. There’s so many powerful solutions known to improve security, speed, quality, and performance. For example, many teams use Docker hub, which is Docker’s official image registry. Currently, it hosts well-over 100,000 trusted, secure images. Leveraging these solutions, programmers can benefit from a massive library of verified, official and certified images. Plus, users can take advantage of built-in security features and integrations that enable your CI/CD pipeline. Indeed, using the latest tools is a popular principle amongst European software developers.

Round trip engineering

Also, dev teams should consider the advantages of following the round trip engineering principle. This has become incredibly popular recently, especially for European developers and quality assurance (QA) experts. Following this approach, reverse engineering and code generation take place at the exact same time. Often, this occurs simultaneously in a fast-paced, dynamic development environment. These components will be integrated together, so that teams can work collaboratively on them together. Ultimately, the main characteristic of this approach involves the automatic update and modification of various software artifacts. Definitely, round trip engineering is one of the most popular

Occam’s razor

Occam’s razor has also become widely used throughout Europe’s growing software development field. It has become one of the most essential laws every cloud architect should know. This comes from the Latin problem solving principle that things shouldn’t be duplicated or multiplied without necessity. In general terms, this means that simplest, most straightforward answer is almost always the right one. For software developers, this means don’t create any elements that are not absolutely necessary. Be sensible and realistic throughout the entire process. Remember that adding unnecessary complexity can seriously impact the performance and quality of the finalized codebase. Surely, Occam’s razor is one of the most popular software development principles that has been adopted in Europe.

Principle of least astonishment

Another useful technique in Europe is the principle of least astonishment. In short, this principle means that any code written needs to be maintainable, readable, intuitive, and obvious. This means it won’t surprise any other software developers when they review or update your program. Ultimately, this makes software products more reliable, durable, and long-lasting. Of course, this will greatly simplify future upgrades and scalability needs. As an engineer, it is always important to take actions that reduce the efforts and requirements for maintenance. Absolutely, many European software development teams have begun to work with the principle of least astonishment.

European developers have revealed several key development principles, strategies, and techniques looking into 2022. First off, BDUF encourages teams to build and finalize their design as an initial starting priority. In addition, many engineers encourage you to work with the latest tools, resources, and technologies. Speaking with many other EU developers, it is clear that round trip engineering is another popular option. Occam’s Razor has also become widely adopted and understood. It has also become popular to follow the principle of least astonishment. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the European software developers disclosing the latest programming principles.

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