An estimated 3500 mainly women were on the streets of Palma

Demonstrating for equality and peace

Demonstrating for equality and peace Credit: Feminist Movement of Mallorca Twitter

AN estimated 3500 mainly women were on the streets of Palma to celebrate International Women’s Day on Tuesday March 8.

The march which was organised by the Feminist Movement of Mallorca started at 7pm in the Plaza de España and finished around 8.30pm in the Plaza de la Reina

The march stopped briefly en route outside the office of the Vox political party where there were shouts that “Mallorca will be the grave of fascism” before moving on to the beat of the Batucada drum band.

Finally, there were a number of speeches confirming that the event was about two main matters, firstly equality of employment, including the breaking of glass ceilings and the eradication of violence against women.

This was the first time in two years that such a demonstration concerning women’s rights could be held and this time, those involved marched under the banner ‘Together we are unstoppable’.

Within the march itself were a corps of women dressed in black carrying placards protesting about the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia and the only possible sour note was a comment on social media bemoaning the fact that transexuals had not been invited to take part as well.

The demonstration whilst noisy was conducted in a friendly and peaceful manner which coincided with the call for a society fuelled less by machismo and more by equality whilst all speeches were interpreted by sign language.

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