Blood clots happening in “younger and younger people”

Blood clots happening in “younger and younger people”

Hailey Bieber recently suffered a very small blood clot to the brain. Credit: Instagram

Blood clots happening in “younger and younger people”.

A VASCULAR neurologist has explained that blood clots are happening in “younger and younger people” allegedly because of “unhealthy lifestyles… along with other factors like genetics.”

The revelation comes after Hailey Bieber sadly joined a list of young people who have either suffered or died from the medical emergency.

Over the past year, a number of high-profile cases of blood clots, strokes, seizures and heart problems have been reported, although Dr Shazam Hussain, the director of the Cerebrovascular Centre at Cleveland Clinic, believes that this is normal.

Speaking to People Magazine, Hussain said that “we think of stroke as being something that happens in older ages, but we are seeing it in younger and younger people.”

“It relates, generally, to people having unhealthy lifestyles, maybe not eating as well or not getting in regular exercise, along with other factors like genetics. So it’s important that people don’t just think of it as something that happens to older people. If you’re younger and have those symptoms, you’ve got to get to the hospital,” he said.

Speaking about Covid-19, the virus which many believe is the cause of a new wave of sudden deaths and abnormal medical emergencies in younger people, Hussain told People that while COVID-19 illness has been shown to cause blood clots, “fortunately most people don’t run into that issue.”

Blood clots have become a major worry in sports over recent months and the CDC in the US has now taken to advertising during American Football games.

There has also been a push for people to get checked around the world with advertising campaigns running on social media.

One post read: “Blood clots have appeared in the headlines again due to Hailey Bieber, Deion Sanders and Samuel L Jackson experiencing clots recently. It’s important to know that blood clots can happen to anyone – they don’t discriminate. Learn more from the infographic below!”

As noted by the vascular neurologist, those suffering from blood clots appear to be getting younger and younger.

Here are some of the most notable.

Nelly Korda

23-year-old American world number two golfer Nelly Korda, who won her maiden major with victory at the 2021 Women’s PGA Championship and then won Olympic gold in Tokyo, was been diagnosed with a blood clot on Friday, March 11.

The clot was discovered in hospital after she experienced swelling in her arm following a workout and she is “currently at home getting treatment to eliminate further risks”.

Hailey Bieber

25-year-old Hailey Bieber, the wife of pop star Justin Bieber, took to Instagram to update fans on a recent trip to the hospital following a major health scare.

“On Thursday morning (March 10), I was sitting at breakfast with my husband when I started having stroke-like symptoms and was taken to the hospital,” she wrote.

“They found I had suffered a very small blood clot to my brain, which caused a small lack of oxygen, but my body had passed it on its own and I recovered completely within a few hours.”

Jasper Cillessen

32-YEAR-OLD goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen, who plays for Spanish LaLiga side Valencia, underwent surgery to remove an unexplained blood clot from his calf on Tuesday, February 15, as the club admit they do not know where it came from.

The former Barcelona goalie had supposedly recovered from the calf injury he suffered during the game against Sevilla in January and the
club were desperately trying to find out where the clot came from.

According to Spanish media outlet AS at the time, the club were at a loss as to where the blood clot suddenly came from. Cillessen had COVID for a second time in January although, for now, the event has not been shown to be related, the paper said.

Spanish police officers

Last year in Spain, two National Police officers and an officer from the Guardia Civil suffered blood clots after being vaccinated.

The officers, who were stationed in Valencia and vaccinated with the first dose of AstraZeneca, suffered episodes of thrombosis after receiving the injection. One had a heart attack and one was even found unconscious.

Lisa Shaw

BBC radio presenter Lisa Shaw died aged 44 after suffering blood clots after she received the AstraZeneca vaccine, her family said.

The award-winning presenter at BBC Newcastle developed “severe” headaches a week after having the jab and fell seriously ill a few days later.

“Lisa developed severe headaches a week after receiving her AstraZeneca vaccine and fell seriously ill a few days later,” her family said in a statement.

“She was treated by the Royal Victoria Infirmary’s intensive care team for blood clots and bleeding in her head. Tragically, she passed away, surrounded by her family.”

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    • Andrew

      17 March 2022 • 10:31

      It is widely known that the supposed covid vaccines cause blood clots.

      Who ever has had the covid inoculations, and has never suffered from blood clots before, suddenly develops the condition, highly likely caused by the drugs.

      Now anyone, please explain the benefits to a healthy individual, the need to have the jabs, knowing that they can cause severe issues?.

      I knew from the get go not to trust this. It’s a shame there are so many idiots out there who have fallen for the scam.

      • Jove

        17 March 2022 • 22:52

        What’s next? Dying of Alzheimer’s is common when you’re 10 years old? I wouldn’t put it past these people. They know how stupid they sound, but they still roll with it. It defies belief.

    • Jove

      17 March 2022 • 22:50

      Reading this was a combination of bizarre disbelief and painful laughter. They are actually going to try to sell this as a common thing that existed before the clot shots? At this point if you aren’t astounded at their bologna, you are beyond help. Wow….just wow.

    • James

      18 March 2022 • 10:48

      The problem with these “idiots” that have taken the injections is that they cannot bear to let others around them know that “they were wrong all along” – its beyond pathetic and highly dangerous. Seriously, how did these people ever hold down a job with such a lack of intelligence?? the mind boggles – the only conclusion you can draw from that is that they are “YES” people and box tickers who think the BBC is sending them a personalised news feed…The Princess Diana / Jimmy Saville / 911 gaffe BBC couldnt give 2 stuffs about you luv!!

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