Perhaps if the UK hadn’t packed hotels and facilities across the country with thousands of young, mobile toting young males from the Middle East, they would be able to cope more easily with genuine fellow Europeans seeking refuge from the Ukraine?

These physically fit boat people are still costing the country millions of British pounds a day. Most have not one ounce of gratitude in their whole self-entitled bodies. Quite the reverse, many have complained that their food and accommodation is not up to standard. Ha! What standard? I thought they had all come from the rubble of war-torn starving countries? This whole politically instigated exercise is an unmitigated disaster.

If it wasn’t so dangerous it would be almost laughable. A short time ago, I pointed out that these young men, with their Nike trainers and remarkable absence of female compatriots – who had purportedly trekked for miles with no visible access to food or financial support – all looked remarkably fit and presumably could afford large sums of money to pay the people smugglers for their boats and ‘travel arrangements’. It was my opinion that someone had to be footing the bill. I suggested that Putin could be one contender interested in seeking to install a sleeper army into the UK.

Imagine my surprise and indeed consternation when, a few days ago, it was revealed that Putin was negotiating with countries in the Middle East to supply young fighting conscripts to join up with his troops in the Ukraine. It was also disclosed that large numbers had already signed up. Coincidence? Somehow, I think not. It will be interesting to see if, in the weeks ahead, the numbers of young ‘refugees’ in Calais is significantly reduced. This would be a sure sign that this potential army is being temporarily diverted to other areas, where their services are more urgently required. Just saying.

Somewhat conveniently lost in the initial pandemic panic of 2020, the Relationships and Sex Education for children (RSE) quietly became mandatory in British State Schools. On the face of it this idea sounds an intelligent and beneficial scheme, set to deal with many of the issues that beset youngsters born into the 21st century. That is of course until you look more carefully into this heavily woked and often child abusive piece of British Government educative legislation. To be honest there is far too much of it to include here.

This is a short list of subjects that have been introduced into the classrooms of the innocents. It includes lessons on being ‘born in the wrong body’ which teaches children as young as six to ‘reject themselves; lessons about how friendship and sexual attraction are the same; teaching ‘gender equality’ to tots as young as four and lessons about masturbation recommended for six-year-olds! Anyone feeling angry yet? Don’t tell me these people aren’t dangerous. In my opinion they should all be locked up.

Keep the Faith.

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