DHL: ways of tracking

DHL: ways of tracking

Courier companies are evolving rapidly, and now we have hundreds of huge companies all over the world which offer their services for customers with both personal and professional needs. DHL is one of them, so the more customers are involved, the more required DHL tracking is.

What is DHL

DHL is a logistic company, offering its services in over than 220 countries all over the world. The name of the company is composed of the first letters of its founders’ last names: Dalsey, Hillblom, Lynn. As the company has been growing successfully since 1969, now they provide two main kinds of delivery services: parcel and document shipping, and all possible freight shipping.

How to track your shipment by DHL

There are some possible ways to make it clear about the status of your delivery. The main two are by the information on their official page, and by the information provided by For the first variant, you should:

  1. go to the official DHL web-site;
  2. enter your tracking number in the search bar on the main page;
  3. get the info;
  4. repeat if necessary.

The system allows also tracking by reference. For this, just click on the button right under the search bar on the main page and fill in a short form.

The second way to track your shipment is using service. In fact, it allows searching for information of many other couriers too. Using this service, you need to:

What if I don’t have a tracking number?

  1. go to and find DHL from all delivery services list (or just follow the link at the beginning of this article);
  2. enter the tracking ID to the search bar & click ‘search’;
  3. view the information;
  4. repeat if necessary.

This searching system tracks all kinds of delivery, so you don’t have to worry if you have special conditions of shipping. It also works if you just enter the waybill number from the main page.

What if I don’t have a tracking number?

You can get this info from the shipping company or from the sender. If it’s somehow impossible, you can learn about the delivery status in three ways:

  • Use the reference on the DHL official web-site.
  • Contact the DHL office and identify your shipment by the order number.
  • If you’re a sender, contact the receiver and ask if a parcel is delivered.

More detailed information you can find on and on the DHL page.

Tracking parcels is not a big deal, but sometimes it can cause troubles because of some particular conditions. Though, having more ways to solve this problem, it doesn’t seem to be a problem anymore.

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