Paseo Maritimo Fuengirola to see 64 new pergolas constructed

Mayor Ana Mula explained the pergola plan

Mayor Ana Mula explained the pergola plan Credit: Fuengirola Council

PASEO MARITIMO Fuengirola to see 64 new pergolas constructed in order to protect visitors from the sun.

Mayor Ana Mula explained on April 1 that the constructions of the new coverings for the seafront will cost €1.9 million and it will take 89 days to install them all so the project should be complete by the beginning of July.

The pergolas will have different sizes depending on the dimensions of the accesses , will have awnings to create shaded areas and each will look the same but will range in length from 13.95 metres to 19 metres.

The supports are made from steel, specially treated to withstand erosion and are made up of pillars and beams that are covered with prestressed fabrics which have a guaranteed durability of 15 years and according to the mayor, can withstand gusts of wind of up to 100 kilometres per hour.

The mayor said “the Paseo Marítimo is our main tourist showcase and the busiest spot attracting our visitors.”

She added that “we work hard throughout the year to offer our residents and visitors urban beaches with all kinds of services.

“Thanks to this continuous effort, our entire coastline has been awarded the Blue Flag, our beaches have also received the Universal Accessibility award and the Q for Tourist Quality.

“They are certificates that we are obtaining, season after season which guarantee our tourist excellence”.

This project also includes the installation of public lighting using LED strips, which will allow the council to regulate both the intensity of night lighting and its colour, which can be varied depending on what is required.

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