Help when you need it most with a Golden Leaves funeral plan

Help when you need it most with a Golden Leaves funeral plan

Help when you need it most with a Golden Leaves funeral plan. Image: Wikimedia

Having to think about what will happen after you die is not something many of us like to do, however Golden Leaves knows that living abroad can present various obstacles to your loved ones when it comes to your funeral.

Not only are funerals conducted very differently in Spain there is also a language barrier to consider in many cases, making a funeral service often difficult to organise.  However, this is where Golden Leaves can help.

A Golden Leaves funeral plan offers multiple benefits, including allowing your wishes to be set out ahead of time as well as the benefits of Spanish speaking team who will take care of all the arrangements for your family.

This service includes organising your death certificate, speaking to funeral directors, and working with the local authorities to make sure all the paperwork is taken care of.

When you have a Golden Leaves plan, all your family members need to do when you die is make a call to them and their team will put in place your wishes immediately, arranging exactly the service you wanted.

Not only that but because your funeral plan is paid in advance, your family will not have any costs.

Golden Leaves have three funeral plans available, each of which will allow your loved ones more time to prepare for your service than the traditional 48 hours allowed for in Spain.

This in turn will allow you more time to get any family and friends you would wish to attend your service over to Spain from abroad.

The Opal Plan is designed for those who just want a simple cremation service.

It provides a simple funeral service that covers the essential items, including the removal and disposal of the deceased. This plan is suitable for single people, couples, or small family units. This funeral can be completed within 72 hours.

The Pearl Plan is designed for those who would like a traditional funeral service for cremation or burial.

The plan provides a comprehensive funeral service. Offering all the services available within the Opal plan, with the added benefit of a floral tribute and premium coffin, the Pearl Plan can give you a funeral similar in content to what you would expect in the UK. This plan also allows five days for family participation, especially if based in a different country, making it a more suitable option for couples and families.

The Golden Plan is designed for those who wish to be repatriated to a country other than their current country of residence.

It also offers worldwide repatriation back home to the desired country, and a contribution to a simply funeral service in the country of your choice.

To make sure that your wishes are carried out as you want, and that your loved ones are not left with costly funeral expenses, contact Golden Leaves today.

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